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We are committed to helping you find the proper match, irrespective of where on the earth you could be. The event begins at 8pm immediate and any visitors arriving late could not be able to participate so please make sure you arrive 15-half-hour earlier than the scheduled start time to permit for registration. We do question companies that promote their events by "Meet-Up" teams - solely to redirect you to their very own web site. Some companies tout that they associate with many organizations including Craigslist choices and 'Meet-Up' teams for their occasions.


See what your friends are saying about U' Casino De Paola. By creating an account you are able to follow friends and experts you trust and see the places. U Casino De Paola Vincenzo Benevento, cucina, sapori e buon trova un agriturismo a Benevento: agriturismo U Casino De Paola Vincenzo Benevento U' Casino, casale cinquecentesco di proprietà della famiglia De Paola, si trova sulle prime colline beneventane a poca distanza dalla città e. Ristorante U'CASINO DE PAOLA a Benevento indirizzo, numero di telefono, foto e recensioni. A poca distanza dalla città di Benevento, in contrada Piano Cappelle, immerso nel verde puoi trovare "U' Casino" De Paola. Agriturismo " U Casino" di De Paola Vincenzo. Close Menu. Home · Chi siamo · Prodotti · Contatti. Più. Menu. Agriturismo "U Casino". La nostra filosofia. Agriturismo U' Casino De Paola Vincenzo Benevento. (Agriturismi Benevento Benevento). In una fantastica e antica struttura, le origini risalgono al XVI secolo, .